Heavily Meditated – Book Review

I stumbled upon this book whilst in somewhat of a scroll hole on Instagram during the depths of the lockdown and very pleased I did given that it has had my quietly sneak off to read a few paragraphs through all of the demands of late.

With all the chaos of homeschooling and trying to keep the fragment of my business that we had left running, meditation seemed like a fantastic way to put myself on the path to some self-enlightenment and calm. The irony here is that learning to meditate was far from something I wanted to do, but there was something about this book title that drew me in. Possibly it was the thought that I was feeling very unhealthy and it wasn’t entirely my physical health I was worried about, it was my brain health and the places my mind would go throughout the days that all seemed to blur into one another.

Written by Caitlin Cady this book is an easy read and certainly puts you on the path to including meditation into your daily routine. With printable worksheets and meditations available to utilise with the book, Caitlin certainly takes the mystery out of meditation and presents it as a non-negotiable daily practise that anyone can do and continue to do for their own health and wellbeing.

I have to admit to you, the resistance in my mind to meditation is huge and while I am still waiting for the kids to return to school I have held off on commencing a daily practice. However, having everyone home is possibly the very reason I need to commence meditation straight away.

You can purchase Heavily Meditated for $25 from Booktopia and find more of Caitlin’s work over on her website https://caitlincady.com/

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