Botanical Body Oil
by Wander & Find

Now full disclosure must be given when I share with you this ‘Wander’ oil. I have known the owner and creator of this business for about 4 years. We live in the same town. Have chatted on the phone and online. Have mutual girlfriends and I am a fangirl when it comes to her nerding out on the ingredients in her products. BUT WE HAVE NEVER MET IRL.

However, the pandemic restrictions have had us vow we will all catch up for a shindig soon. Until then, I want to share with you a gift my little man gave me for Mother’s Day this year. It is the Botanical Body Oil by Wander & Find.

This oil is not just light and nourishing on the skin, it also spoils the senses with its lavender and rose scent.

I have been using body oils for a few years now as I love them, but, this is far better than any I have used. Some are heavy and tacky on clothing afterwards. And whilst they give your skin moisture can be a little too heavy in summer humidity. This body oil, however, is light and easy to apply, absorbing quickly to leave skin feeling nourished and glowing.


Currently I am keeping this bottle at my desk as I love to rub it on my hands, elbows and arms during the day. But I am thinking that another bottle is required in the bathroom to apply directly after getting out of the shower for that ultimate skin nourisment.

To grab yourself a bottle of Botanical Oil and check out other Wander & Find handcrafted products head over to their website. Or drop in and pick up a bottle from Pampered With Amy.

Also … online massage courses for partner’s go with this beauty like side salad.

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