As a tribute to the girlfriends that already surround us and the new ones, we are due to meet, Hey Girlfriend is an online space talking about all the things that us gals love to chat about, learn, read and binge on.

Born during the 2020 season of isolation when the connection of with friends occurred through Facebook Messenger and Zoom, this bloggy/magazine is a lifestyle website.

Aside from general stories, we look forward to hearing from brands, businesses and events wanting to work with us in the way of sponsored reviews or advertising.



Gayel Airs

Writer, Business Owner, Mum, Coffee Addict and Girlfriend to Girlfriends.

Day Job : Person who makes stuff for the internet, Mum taxi (when not in iso).

Night Job: Hello Fresh Home Chef and avoider of taking the bins out.

Loves: Coffee, red wine, Wagon Wheels, Leeroy The Horse/Dog, her cats, her houseplants and her family of 3 boys, 2 girls and one partner who is so tall she looks like a garden gnome when standing next to him.

Hates: The word entrepreneur, toxic egos and mornings without coffee.

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