8 Smartphone Photography Tips For Better Pics

Ensure your lens is clean.

Having your phone rolling around in your handbag or in a sweaty hand can mean your lens can become grubby. By giving your it a quick wipe with a soft cloth before taking a picture you will ensure your pic has plenty of sharp as possible. Don’t forget to wipe the front camera before selfies also. The front camera is prone to oils and makeup from your face if you hold your phone to your face on a call.

Tip: I should suggest a microfibre cloth for this…however who carries those in their purse? Soft / clean piece of clothing works fine.

Don’t zoom in.

Ok, now I know this is an option on your phone, but please don’t do it. It simply takes down the quality of image produced. If possible get as close to your subject as possible.

Tip: Not too close for selfies , lions, tigers or taipans though luvs…

Tap the screen to focus on your subject

This feature has been around for some time, but still many don’t use it. By tapping anywhere on the screen you can bring focus to that area. I am a big sunset lover and find tapping a little to top left or to right side of the setting sun can very much improve the image.

Tip: Very important to tap discreetly when snapping that stalker shot. Make it look like your giving a friend a like on Facie.

Consider you composition

Ok so in photography composition is everything. Understanding the simple little Rule of Thirds will take you a long way on your phone photography journey. If you struggle with this, turn on your grid lines in camera settings.

Tip: Also… hold that camera up nice and high for those selfies. Nobody got time for 3 chins ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good lighting and don’t use a flash

A great photographer always utilises lighting to bring out the best in composition. Smartphones still struggle with low lighting and using it’s flash isn’t always a great outcome. Natural filtered light is perfect for smartphone photography. So ladies… maybe put those phones away next time we are allowed out of iso to a bar or club at night.

Tip: Poor photographic evidence of how ratshit you looked after finishing off a few too many margaritas at the pub is FOR SURE TO MAKE YOUR HANGOVER WORSE.

Steady your phone before taking the pic

Shakey hands make for blurry images. Stabilise your phone with your hand, tripod or gimball before taking the photo.

Tip: All you gal out there like me with with short arms reaching out for the group selfie may find their arm becomes shaky. Delegate picture taking to your long armed friend. She is also great for cleaning fans so have her over some time for a cuppa and throw her a chux cloth.

Edit your image

Editing your image before sharing is essential. Improving on exposure, cropping and adding a filter or preset. Editing also means ensuring EVERYONE in the pic looks good not just yourself. Bin the ugly shot girls. Take one for the team if you need and ensure everyone looks alright…even if that means you’re not perfect.

Tip: Editing apps like VSCO and Lightroom are my favs. Another fav of mine (and has been for many years) is Animal Face. You will see why when you find it …

Surprise! Here have another tip…making for 9 in total.


Just on that being discreet when taking a stalker shot back in Tip 2… there is nothing worse than trying to snap a shot you probably shouldn’t be taking and having the sound of the camera going CLICK! (This tip comes straight to you from a notorious stalker shot photographer)

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